Kea Performance Tuning Webinar

Maximize Performance or Flexibility in Your Kea DHCP Installation

Kea can be deployed in multiple configurations, to optimize either performance or flexibility. In this webinar Tomek Mrugalski (ISC’s Director of DHCP Engineering) will discuss which design choices give maximum performance and explain how to tune your existing configuration for better performance. He will also share the latest Kea performance test data.

Register for the session, which will be recorded and posted on our website and our YouTube and BrightTALK channels. The session will last approximately one hour, including Q&A as time permits.

Please check your invite from Zoom for the correct time in your timezone.

Speaker Information:

Tomek Mrugalski holds an MSc (2003) and PhD (2010), both related to DHCPv6. He spent seven years at Intel before joining ISC in 2011, where he leads the DHCP engineering team. Tomek was the original designer and developer of the Kea DHCP server, and leads development of ISC DHCP and Stork as well as Kea. Tomek has been active in the IETF since 2009 and was the DHC working group co-chair at IETF until 2020. He has 13 RFCs published, including the specification for DHCPv6bis (RFC8415), for which he was primary author.

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