kea 1.1-6


Kea 1.1 Posted for Beta Testing


Host Reservations Support Extended

Host reservations can now be retrieved from MySQL or PostgreSQL backends, for either DHCPv4 or DHCPv6.  Host reservations can now specify DHCP options, siaddr, sname and file fields within DHCPv4 messages, and can reserve multiple IPv6 addresses/prefixes.

Flexible Client Classification 

We now have a more flexible client classification system. Classes and class-specific subnets may contain option data to serve to clients within that class.  A client may be a member of multiple classes and acquire options from different classes (global, class, subnet or host entries).

There are a number of objects and operators available for use in the classification system.  Operations include: equal, not, and, or, substring, and concat

Objects include:

  • literals: string, hexadecimal, IP address and integer
  • options: existence and content
  • relay options (DHCPv4 & DHCPv6): existence and content
  • subfields within vendor and vendor class options: existence and content
  • selected fields from DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 packets

Cassandra backend

Kea 1.1 includes basic support for a Cassandra database backend for storing lease information. This backend is used for lease information only at this time, it is not yet enabled for host reservation storage.  Many thanks to Deutsche Telekom for sponsoring this contribution.

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