open source DHCPv4/v6 server

New in Kea version 1.2

REST api enables remote management

http interface

(https is coming with Kea 1.3)

JSON command syntax

example Python client included, or write your own


We are grateful to Mozilla for the 2016 MOSS award that helped to sponsor our work on remote management for Kea.
Kea 1.2 includes patches contributed to our Github repo by Andrei Pavel and Cristian Secareanu of Qualitance, zeitounator, parisioa, Patrik Lundin, vlegout, sebschrader and MrMarvin.  Thank you for these, and thank you to everyone who tested and submitted reports.

Included with every Kea Support Subscription

Comments from

  • The University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab uses Kea as part of their certification testing for DHCP. Read an interview with Tim Winters, IPv6 logo Technical Lead for the lab about how and why he uses Kea.
  • Kea is awesome, and it was a huge windfall for our design when we found out about it.   April 2017 post on Kea-users mailing list
  • We liked the fact that ISC Kea is modern software and is designed to be extensible. Kea has hook points where you can add your own logic to parse incoming DHCP packets and modify them as you like right before they leave the server network interface. We leveraged the hooks feature extensively to customize Kea to meet our requirements.
  • I really like Kea, and I think it is a HUGE step forward. I am using it with PowerDNS, and it is nice having everything in a database. 🙂   April 2017 post on Kea-users mailing list  
  • I'm using Kea 1.2 and I didn't have (any) problem provisioning CMs and CPEs on our DOCSIS/HFC networks. I didn't need to disable Client-ID on DHCP Offer packets. .... Kea docs are well documented...   August 2017 post on



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