ISC Creates Commercial Subsidiary: DNSco

Beijing, China - 9 April 2013. Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) announces the creation of its first commercial subsidiary, DNSco.

DNSco combines a business view and full-service solution with ISC’s world-renowned technical excellence. For over 15 years ISC has been the world’s leading expert in DNS and related technologies such as DHCP. ISC employees are versed in every aspect of these technologies, from protocol to implementation to operations to registries to policy. As the leader in these core Internet technologies and as the author and distributor of BIND and other core software, ISC has frequently been asked to provide business services to enterprises that recognize their dependence on DNS and DHCP.

“ISC realized that we could be more responsive to our commercial customers while remaining true to our original mission of improving and supporting Internet growth and stability,” said Kannan Ayyar, President of Internet Systems Consortium. “We are separating our globally respected public-benefit activities from our growing business activities. The mission of our new DNSco subsidiary is to provide credible, compatible, economical, stable, and expert support and services to businesses for which ISC’s software and technologies are mission-critical.”

DNSco is entirely owned by ISC, but will be managed separately. Its mission is different, its financials are separate, and it will be run as a commercial entity. But DNSco remains an ISC company, which means that expertise, staff, experience, and culture will move back and forth between the two companies. Separating commercial and public-benefit activities enables us do a better job of both. Moreover, profits from DNSco will help fund ISC’s ongoing public benefit mission.

DNSco’s products are subscriptions for major ISC software titles, training and consulting for the technologies involved, subscriber-only enhancements to the software, and software support related to their operation as well as advance notifications of security vulnerabilities.

In addition DNSco will release various closed-source software products, tools and services, including the newly launched back-end registry service. If DNS technologies are important to your business, or if they are your business, you will find DNSco products and services to be critical to your success.

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