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Sure, we think it’s great, but don’t just take our word for it; see why our existing customers and supporters use and support ISC’s software!

The University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab uses Kea as part of their certification testing for DHCP. Read an interview with Tim Winters, IPv6 logo Technical Lead for the lab about how and why he uses Kea.

InternetNZ operates the .nz registry for New Zealand. They offer internationalized domain names in the Māori language, both under a separate third-level domain and in .nz. InternetNZ engineers are frequent participants in DNS-OARC conferences. Sebastian Castro of InternetNZ personally contributed to the development of BIND’s dnssec key-manager utility.

InternetNZ subscribes to ISC’s Advance Security Notifications for BIND.

SWITCH operates the Swiss country-code TLDs, .ch and .li. SWITCH subscribes to ISC’s Advance Security Notification service, so they can receive BIND patches for critical security issues a few days before they are announced.

SWITCH uses BIND resolvers and dnsdist to provide recursive DNS services to users of the Swiss higher education and research network NREN. SWITCH also offers a DNS Firewall service which supports BIND with RPZ. Oli Schacher of SWITCH discovered and reported a serious bug in RPZ, which ISC fixed in CVE 2017-3140.

SWITCH not only supports ISC with a regular ASN contract, they also made an unrestricted donation of CHF 10,000 to ISC in 2017.

CIRA is the Canadian Internet Registry Authority. CIRA also now provides a DNS Anycast service and a DNS security service for enterprises. CIRA has supported ISC for many years; they were one of the Patron supporters of ISC’s BIND 10 project, which lives on in the Kea DHCP server, and they have made many advances in the DNS community, particularly in operationalizing DNS security (DNSSEC). CIRA contributes actively to the DNS technical community through DNS-OARC, as you can see from this presentation from Evan Thompson on the Provisioning Performance of Name Server Software.

Through their support relationship with ISC, CIRA is helping to underwrite the maintenance of ISC’s open source for everyone.

Angelo Failla, Production Engineer at Facebook, “liked the fact that ISC Kea is modern software and is designed to be extensible. Kea has hook points where you can add your own logic to parse incoming DHCP packets and modify them as you like right before they leave the server network interface. We leveraged the hooks feature extensively to customize Kea to meet our requirements.

SIDN operates the .nl country registry for the Netherlands, the first active country top-level-domain in the DNS, outside of the US. SIDN Labs authors tools and conducts research projects to help support the Internet and DNS in particular.

As an ISC support customer, SIDN is also helping to support the open source you use!