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BIND 9 Support Subscription

ISC offers professional technical support for BIND 9. Your subscription includes:

DHCP Support Subscription

Our DHCP support subscriptions can cover ISC DHCP, Kea DHCP, or both products. Your support includes:

Open Support for Open Source

We are proud to develop, maintain, publish, and support open source. We use and contribute to many open source projects ourselves, and we appreciate when our contributions are accepted and merged, and our issues are reviewed, by the maintainers of those open source projects.

You are welcome to download and use the open source we publish and we sincerely hope it works well for you and is everything you want it to be. If you need help, we and our user community are available to help you on our user mailing lists, bind-users, dhcp-users, and kea-users. This free help for the open source community is provided in the open for a reason - the open exchange of ideas helps other users, and the feedback helps us improve the software, our processes, and our understanding of user requirements. The advice and discussion on these lists is extremely valuable, and is generously shared by people with extensive experience as a gift to the entire open source community. You are welcome to also report defects to us, and even to request that we add new features, via our open GitLab development sites. If you can give us a clear and compelling description of what you want and why, we may well prioritize working on your issue. With the exception of reporting actual security vulnerabilities, however, all of this communication is conducted in the open.

If you do not want to share your configuration or issue in public, please consider paying us to provide your company with professional private support. The money we earn from professional support enables us to provide and maintain open source. When organizations subscribe for support from us, we offer you SLA guarantees and prioritize your requests for development. Please contact us for more information!

Annual software support service

Service Level Gold Gold sticker with the words Most Popular
Bronze Basic
Critical issue response 30 minutes, 24x7 1 hour, 24x7 2 hours, business hours only*
Standard issue response 4 business hours* 8 business hours* Next business day
Advance security notifications 5 days 5 days 5 days 3 days
BIND 9 -S edition software (BIND support subscribers) X X
Kea software included (Kea support subscribers) Enterprise Enterprise Subscriber Subscriber
* Our regular business hours for support are Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM ET, with the exception of a few major holidays, which are announced in advance.

Pricing based on deployment size and service level.

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Who are ISC's Support Subscribers?

Three of the top 10 US or Global companies (2022 Fortune 500, [2022 Fortune 500 Global]( and six of the top 15 Global companies in the telecommunications sector (2022 Fortune 500 Global) are ISC Support subscribers. Many of our support customers have been with ISC for years. They subscribe not because they are incapable of manipulating open source - quite the reverse. Many of them are leaders in the industry and very sophisticated technically. We value their input and always prioritize requests from our support customers. is a non-profit collective providing TV, Internet and telephone services to associations and housing developments. ASOM provides their membership with the benefits of joining in a larger group - just as ISC can provide open source to everyone with the backing of users like ASOM.


CIRA is the Canadian Internet Registry Authority. CIRA also provides a DNS Anycast service and a DNS security service for enterprises. CIRA has supported ISC for many years; they were one of the Patron supporters of ISC’s BIND 10 project, which lives on in the Kea DHCP server, and they have made many advances in the DNS community, particularly in operationalizing DNS security (DNSSEC). CIRA contributes actively to the DNS technical community through DNS-OARC. Through their support relationship with ISC, CIRA is helping to underwrite the maintenance of ISC’s open source for everyone.


InternetNZ operates the registry for .nz in New Zealand. They offer internationalized domain names in the Māori language, both under a separate third-level domain and in .nz. InternetNZ engineers are frequent participants in DNS-OARC conferences. Sebastian Castro of InternetNZ personally contributed to the development of BIND’s DNSSEC key-manager utility. InternetNZ subscribes to ISC’s Advance Security Notifications for BIND.


The Brazilian Network Information Center is a non-profit civil entity that implements the decisions and projects of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee. In addition to contributing to ISC’s long-term success through a BIND support subscription, NIC.BR also supports F-Root through both financial contributions and node operations.


Quad9 is a free, recursive, anycast DNS platform that provides end users robust security protections, high-performance, and privacy. Quad9 uses BIND 9’s ECS features, available in the Subscription Edition, to offer a CDN-Friendly (Content Distribution Network) service to its end users. Quad9 also benefits from ISC’s Advance Security Notification services.


SIDN operates the .nl country registry for the Netherlands, the first active country top-level domain in the DNS, outside of the US. SIDN Labs authors tools and conducts research projects to help support the Internet and DNS in particular. As an ISC support customer, SIDN is also helping to support the open source you use!


SWITCH operates the Swiss country-code top-level domains .ch and .li. SWITCH subscribes to ISC’s Advance Security Notification service so they can receive BIND patches for critical security issues before they are announced publicly. SWITCH uses BIND resolvers and dnsdist to provide recursive DNS services to users of the Swiss higher education and research network NREN. SWITCH also offers a DNS firewall service which supports BIND with RPZ. Oli Schacher of SWITCH discovered and reported a serious bug in RPZ, which ISC fixed. SWITCH not only supports ISC with a regular ASN contract, they also made an unrestricted donation of CHF 10,000 to ISC in 2017.

The Internet Foundation in Sweden

The Internet Foundation is an independent, business-driven and non-profit organization that works for an Internet that contributes positively to man and society. They are responsible for the Internet’s Swedish top-level domain .se and also handle the operation and administration of the top-level domain .nu. backs ISC through its purchase of professional BIND support.

Visionary Broadband

Visionary Broadband serves over 100 rural communities in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming with high-speed wireless and gigabit fiber internet. They are using Kea with a MySQL backend to provide DHCPv4 addresses and DHCPv6 prefixes to homes and businesses in their service area.

BIND 9 Support Subscription

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BIND 9 Subscription Edition Software

Silver-level and above subscribers have access to a private edition of BIND 9.

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Kea Support Subscription

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Advance Security Notification

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