Professional Support for Open Source

Dedicated support engineers, backed by the development team

7 x 24 availability for critical problems

Priority bug fixing

Early notification of security vulnerabilities

Access to subscriber-only BIND edition and subscriber-only Kea hooks applications

Login for Customer Support  Contact ISC for more information

Selecting a SW Version

The planned EOL date for every release is noted on the page where you download the software, and our software support policy is documented here. If you have just taken over an existing BIND or DHCP installation, you might want to check our list of published security vulnerabilities to ensure your implementation is not vulnerable.

BIND Documentation

BIND Documentation consists of the Administrators Reference Manual (ARM), and a Doxygen doc included in the source code.


DHCP Documentation

Kea is well-documented, with both user and developer documentation published at

ISC DHCP is distributed with man pages that are available on-line in the installed product. There are also short feature descriptions and tips in the ISC Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base

Our on-line Knowledge Base features shorter articles on our software, and includes all our release notes. We also publish a page of links with community-provided How-to’s, free software tools, and information on the most useful published books.

Community Support

BIND, Kea and ISC DHCP are open source software. Community support is available on our public mailing lists: bind-usersdhcp-users and Kea-users., which is not affiliated with ISC, hosts searchable archives of bind-users and dhcp-users if you want to look and see if your question has already been asked and answered on the list. We recommend that all BIND users subscribe to the bind-announce mailing list, to receive notices of any security vulnerabilities, as well as notices of new versions available. For DHCP users the equivalent list is dhcp-announce and for Kea it is Kea-announce.

Presentations and Videos


Check out our YouTube channel or look at the presentation archive on this web site.

Reporting Bugs, Requesting Features

Everyone can help contribute to open source quality by submitting complete and accurate bug reports. To report a bug, please submit a Bug Report Form, or submit via email to

If you wish to submit a feature request, email us at:

BIND security is critical to the Internet Infrastructure. If you think you may be seeing a potential security vulnerability in BIND (for example, a crash with REQUIRE, INSIST, or ASSERT failure), please report it immediately to and do not post it on the public mailing list.

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