Secondary Name Service for Non-Commercial Non-Profits

A best-effort, public benefit service from ISC


SNS-PB is a public benefit infrastructure service for publication of DNS zone data to the global Internet with maximum availability and minimum delay. Customers of SNS-PB operate their own primary name servers where they manage their DNS zone data, and then SNS-PB transfers this zone data to one or more of our globally anycast name server clusters. End users will see extremely high availability and short response times when they look up domain names whose DNS zones are served by SNS-PB, and benefit from the features and services offered by the technical staff of Internet Systems Consortium.  This is not a commercial service, it is available only to under-served, non-commercial entities, such the top-level domains of smaller countries or territories.

Benefits of SNS-PB

  • High Availability and Short Response Times to domain search queries
  • Some protection against DOS
  • Shortcut to DNSSEC
  • IPv6 Compliant


Why Internet Systems Consortium

Internet Systems Consortium has maintained, supported, and published the BIND software system that operates about 80% of the Internet’s name servers. In fact, some of ISC’s founding employees have supported BIND since 1989.

Besides BIND, ISC also operates the F-root server, one of the busiest root name servers on the Internet, and the first root name server to deploy anycast technology in multiple continents.

Through SNS-PB, we stand ready to make our expertise available domains who want the best possible DNS zone data publication. No company in the world today has deeper knowledge or expertise about DNS software, technology, and operations than ISC.

A few of the Largest SNS-PB Users

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