BGP Peering

Network with F-Root

ISC has deployed numerous instances of the F-Root nameserver using an anycast routing technique. These remote instances are usually deployed close to exchange points, and network operators are welcome to peer with us there to increase their visibility of (and improve their access to) the Root Server System.

Peering Policy

ISC operates an open peering policy. ISC reserves the right to discontinue peering with other organizations which do not respond appropriately to reports of network abuse, or to organizations which do not follow the technical guidelines for propagation of the F-Root service supernet, as described below.

Contact Information
NOC e-mail (preferred)
NOC phone +1 650 423 1310 (network emergencies only - not for customer support)
New sessions
Peering Locations and Details

ISC fully participates in the PeeringDB project. PeeringDB has all of our most up-to-date locations and peering details.

If you’re not familiar with PeeringDB, you can follow these simple instructions:

  • Visit Log in with the guest credentials listed on the front page, or set up an account if you’d prefer.
  • Once logged in, click on Networks, located on the left column under Search Records.
  • Enter “ISC” in the Company Name field and click search.
  • Clicking on the resultant “ISC” search result will lead you to the page with all our details.
Routing Policy

Networks that filter based on Routing Registry objects should use:

AS<peer asn>:AS-SET

as the filter object. For instance, if you peer with ISC AS 30132 in Amsterdam use:


to filter that session.

ISC operates Global Nodes for the F-Root nameserver service from a few core locations that advertise to the entire Internet.

All other nodes are Local Nodes for F-Root. Local Nodes advertise F’s to peers with the well-known community string attribute no-export set. This is done to prevent accidental transit of the F-Root service supernet; each Local Node is only intended to serve a local community of networks. It is not appropriate for to be propagated for transit except by prior arrangement with ISC.

Network operators who need to apply a different policy should contact and explain their requirements and request suitable arrangements.