DNS Root Explorer Application Privacy

All test results from the DNS Root Explorer app are automatically uploaded to ISC for subsequent analysis by any interested party.

All uploaded test results are public and can be viewed here.

Location Data

If permitted by the user, the results include the user’s approximate location as determined by Apple’s location services to the nearest 1km. Precise location is determined (if possible) to show your location on the Map view but is not submitted.

Internet Connection Data

Limited Information about the user’s internet connection is gathered, including:

  • the user’s public IP address, anonymized*
  • the name of the user’s network provider, and their Autonomous System Number (ASN)
  • whether the tests were made over a cellular data connection, Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet

* The user’s public IP address is rounded to the enclosing IPv4 /24 subnet or IPv6 /48 subnet where these subnet sizes are chosen to correspond with the smallest “globally routable subnet”.

Analytics Data

The results also include:

  • the version number of the application
  • the class of device used (Mac / iPad / iPhone) but not the specific model