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Benefits of a DHCP Support Subscription

Expert Technical Support 

ISC DHCP is probably the most well-known and widely-used dynamic host control software on the Internet, with client, relay and server applications included. However, it is complicated. ISC wrote the software, and we are the experts on it.

Kea Custom Hooks 

Kea is a new, rapidly evolving DHC server that supports multiple database back-ends and is extensible with hooks libraries.  We have written some custom hooks applications as a special benefit for subscribers. If there is a feature you need that Kea doesn’t have, we will consider adding it to our subscriber-only hooks collection for you. 

With a support subscription, we will help you decide which of our two DHC software systems is right for you. We will help you get the most out of our open source software.

Priority Fixes 

ISC DHCP is very mature software, but it still needs regular maintenance. Operating system software updates and new device types can cause conflicts or instability.

If you rely on dynamic host control, whether you get it from ISC, or from an operating system package, we can provide you with the fixes you may need.

Full Support for IPv6 and DHCPv6

ISC Engineers are active participants in the IETF standards process. Our engineers wrote many of these interoperability standards and we can help you make the transition from IPv4 to IPv6.


DHCP Subscription

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Advance Security Notification 5 days 5 days 5 days
Critical Issue Response Time

30 minutes
24 x 7

1 hour
24 x 7

2 hours
Business hours

Standard Issue Response Time

4 business hours

9am – 5pm EST

Monday – Friday


8 business hours

9am – 5pm EST

Monday – Friday


Next business day

9am – 5pm EST

Monday – Friday


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