Planning for Kea 1.4

Since we posted Kea 1.3, the team has been hard at work on plans for Kea 1.4.


High Availability

We want to address the need for high availability for DHCP services. ISC DHCP supports DHCPv4 failover, but this is a complicated and fragile protocol, and we are hoping to avoid implementing it in Kea. A number of Kea users have reported on the Kea-users mailing list that they have managed to build HA Kea systems using a shared database backend but there is no way, currently, to have a HA system with the higher-performance memfile system.

We have written up a design plan for HA support for Kea that includes load balancing between systems using the memfile option. It is posted on the Kea wiki for review.


RADIUS Integration

We have heard from some ISPs that they need Radius integration to provide client access control, option provisioning, as well as accounting. One ISP also needs to specify classes of service (in terms of contention for wifi addresses). A significant challenge here is how to minimize the communications with the Radius system, particularly for lease renewals. This is being considered as a possible premium hook for Kea. We have a design proposal for Radius integration here. 

We welcome feedback on these proposed designs for Kea 1.4 on the kea-dev mailing list at



Last modified: June 1, 2018 at 9:51 am