Webinar Series - Using the Kea DHCP Server

ISC is delighted to announce its next series of webinars: Using the Kea DHCP Server.

This series of six bi-weekly webinars will enable a LINUX or UNIX system administrator to successfully deploy the open source Kea DHCP server. We will begin with a review of DHC protocol basics. Attendees will learn how to install, configure, and monitor a Kea DHCP server to assign dynamic and static IP addresses and IPv6 prefixes, and configure appropriate client options such as the default gateway and DNS server.

Register once for the entire series: all sessions will be recorded and the recordings posted within a few days, so you can easily review any sessions you miss. Each session will last approximately one hour, including Q&A as time permits.


  • September 16: Session 1. DHCP fundamentals, DHCPv4 vs DHCPv6 differences
  • September 30: Session 2. Kea installation and configuration
  • October 14: Session 3. Kea lease allocation, client classification, and option assignment
  • October 28: Session 4. High Availability and DB Backends

Please note there is an extra week between sessions 4 and 5. There is also a Daylight Savings Time disconnect between the US and Europe; please check your registration from Zoom for the correct time in your timezone.

  • November 18: Session 5. Monitoring, Logging, and Stork
  • December 2: Session 6. Migrating to Kea from ISC DHCP

Please click this link to register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_WvQmqh-wQ1CnKr_CDYhQ8w . And please subscribe to our training-info mailing list to be notified of other upcoming ISC webinars!

We look forward to seeing you online.

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