Internet Systems Consortium Renews Commitment to BIND as Open Source – Jeff Osborn Named President

Internet Systems Consortium’s (ISC) Board of Directors named Jeff Osborn as Executive Director with the explicit goal of ensuring production-quality, fully featured nameserver software is available as open source, with no financial barriers to its use. Osborn will also serve as President of DNSco, ISC’s commercial subsidiary.

“I am both thrilled and humbled to be trusted with the task of leading ISC,” said Osborn. “I am proud to contribute to ISC’s storied history of commitment to the global Internet community, and I look forward to working closely with our many and varied stakeholders. DNSco also has a key role to play as the primary funding vehicle for our public benefit work, and has an opportunity to address the growing threats to the DNS from a business support perspective.”

ISC and DNSco continue to develop, maintain, and distribute BIND and ISC DHCP as open source software. ISC makes essential infrastructure software available; DNSco offers professional support subscriptions for ground-level business continuity planning. DNSco is a commercial business tasked with generating revenue to sustain both itself and its parent company.

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