Meet an ISC Engineer - Greg Choules!

Greg Choules of ISC

As more and more organizations and companies have recognized the importance of professional support for their Internet infrastructure, ISC’s support team has continued to grow. We’re delighted to introduce our newest support engineer, Greg Choules!

Since he started here in early August 2021, Greg has been tackling BIND tickets while learning more about Kea DHCP. He built and operated relatively large BIND installations for many years at previous employers, so he came with lots of BIND experience to share with our customers - and he looks forward to expanding his knowledge of ISC’s products. He is happy to join the open source community because, as he says, “As a general philosophy I think knowledge and solutions to problem should be open. Why keep something secret when there are so many wonderful minds out there that know something you don’t?”

In school, Greg was good at maths, chemistry, and physics; he studied chemical engineering at university but didn’t want to end up working for oil companies, so he transitioned to networking after graduation. He has worked at the University of London and Mercury Communications/Cable & Wireless, designing and supporting X.25, frame relay, ATM, and MPLS networks, and gradually moving towards DNS at the start of the GRX infrastructure for mobile roaming interconnect. Most recently, he was at Ericsson Services/Three UK, where he focused on building large recursive DNS infrastructures to cope with the rise of mobile data. His service-provider background will surely be helpful in supporting ISC’s many service-provider customers.

So far, Greg enjoys ISC’s family atmosphere and our “slightly warped” sense of humour. (The guy riding the carousel fits right in here.) He hopes to bring our customers “some practical knowledge from the user’s point of view, with a pragmatic approach to problem-solving.”

Greg and his family live in southern England, where he is “passionate about plastic. Or rather, about abolishing it. The world needs to move to decomposable, plant-based alternatives immediately.” His planet-friendly ethos extends to his vegetarian-verging-on-vegan lifestyle and his support for electric vehicle development.

We are delighted to have Greg on our team and know that our customers will benefit from his expertise.

Thank you for using ISC’s software and we hope you have enjoyed this peek behind the ISC curtain. We hope that sharing a little about us helps strengthen our connection to our customers. We welcome your feedback at!

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