Meet an ISC Engineer - Darren Ankney!

Darren Ankney of ISC

Each quarter we like to profile one of our engineers, to let our customers and users get more familiar with some of the people they may interact with as they use our software.

Our newest support staff member, Darren Ankney, joined us in January 2023 after more than 26 years at First Network Group. He started there as an end-user technical support specialist and became head of their Tech Support team, and then began working on their DHCPatriot network appliance in 2000.

Darren’s extensive experience with DHCP was all learned on the job; he holds a degree in Economics and Management from Ohio Northern University, but has been working in IT his whole career. (He points out as a fun fact that Ada, Ohio – home to Ohio Northern – is where the footballs used in the NFL’s Super Bowl are made.)

Darren is excited to join the ISC team because, “Open source software has given to me with both hands over my career. The Internet itself would not exist without open source software.” He is delighted for the opportunity to “pay it forward” to the community.

Customers and users are already benefiting from Darren’s many years of troubleshooting DHCP; in fact, he started responding to questions on the dhcp-users mailing list before he even officially started working here! He came to us with a good grasp of Kea’s functionality and configuration, but he says, “I found out pretty quickly that there were some areas of Kea that I was not experienced with. So far my time here at ISC has been a whirlwind of learning!”

He appreciates his ISC coworkers: “Everyone is so positive, so helpful, so skilled and knowledgeable. This is an amazing team!” He looks forward to deepening his familiarity with Kea and becoming more proficient with BIND as he works to support our customers.

Thank you for using ISC’s software and we hope you have enjoyed this peek behind the ISC curtain. We hope that sharing a little about us helps strengthen our connection to our customers. As always, we welcome your feedback at!

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