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In July 2017 we opened ISC’s RT bug database for public read-only browsing of BIND and ISC DHCP issues. New bugs submitted were still kept confidential by default, but issues that had been triaged, and feature requests, were publicly viewable.

Now we want to take a further step towards transparency and welcoming community participation in the BIND 9 project. We have migrated to GitLab for our BIND development platform, and it is now open for community use.

GitLab will make collaborating with ISC easier and more transparent.

  • Community members can create and manage their own accounts.
  • Community developers can submit merge requests directly, and will get author credit tracked in the source repo, (instead of emailing patches to our old bug tracker).
  • GitLab includes an open issue tracker, where all issues are open to public view by default and where community participants can comment on and add to existing issues, as well as creating new ones. We welcome upvoting on feature requests.
  • GitLab includes a wiki space for sharing designs or plans.
  • Because we are hosting GitLab internally at ISC, we can also maintain private issues and private branches, to protect work on confidential issues and suspected security vulnerabilities.
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BIND users, patch contributors, operating system packagers, tool developers, researchers and anyone in the DNS community are all welcome to access and navigate to the BIND project.

To create an account go to and create an account, or link an existing GitHub or GitLab account.

Further Details
  • Security issues should still be sent via email (encrypted if possible) to
  • GitLab supports creation of confidential issues. If you need to report an issue or provide information that cannot be shared publicly, select this checkbox when you submit your issue.
  • ISC Support customers should continue to raise issues with their support team through your own portal or via email to ISC will continue to protect customer confidentiality while working on support customer issues.
  • ISC’s GitLab instance will not accept creation of new issues via email to reduce spam entries. You will be able to send and receive updates via email, however.
  • As of March 5, 2018, we will no longer accept new BIND issues in our old database. We will begin redirecting email users ASAP, but will still log their submissions in
  • Existing open BIND issues will be ported selectively to GitLab over the next 2 months. If you have an issue pending in that is not actively being worked that you feel should be a priority, please feel free to re-enter it into GitLab to ensure it survives the transition.
  • Note that this change applies only to BIND 9 issues; ISC DHCP is still using and Kea is still using

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