ISC DHCP 4.3.6 and 4.1-ESV-R15 Posted

ISC DHCP Updated

Updates to both supported branches of ISC DHCP are available now from our downloads page. For this release, we focused specifically on updating the DHC client software, although there are many server updates as well. We had a lot of help with this release, specifically from our open source packagers and OEM users.

While we haven’t been able to review or accept every submitted patch, we are trying to publish those submitted patches via our newly-opened database. As part of the overall maintenance process, we are also reviewing and updating our library of Knowledgebase articles on ISC DHCP, including for example, this one on the DHC client.

Open source users and packagers who submitted bug reports or patches that resulted in changes in ISC DHCP 4.3.6:

  • David Zych at the University of Illinois
  • Norm Proffitt of Infoblox
  • Fernando Soto at BlueCat Networks (x3)
  • Jiri Popelka at Redhat (x2)
  • Marius Tomaschewski at SUSE
  • Wei Kong at Novell
  • Mritunjaykumar Dubey at Nokia
  • Alessandro Gherardi
  • Mark Nejedlo at TDS Telecom
  • Rodney Beede
  • Bill Parker
  • Pierre Clerissi
  • Martin Pitt and Andrew Pollock
  • Tim Dean
  • Jay Ford, University of Iowa


Preview of ISC DHCP 4.4.0

Our next planned release of ISC DHCP will be a new feature branch, 4.4.0. We expect this will be the last new feature branch of ISC DHCP issued.

  • As previously announced, we will be re-licensing ISC DHCP under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 with this release.
  • One significant objective is to resolve the long-standing dependency on including BIND libraries in the ISC DHCP version by enabling ISC DHCP to use the BIND libraries in the BIND version in the package.
  • We will also be updating the DDNS dual-stack for non-compliant clients.
  • We are considering changing our default behavior when receiving a prefix length hint for a prefix that is not available (in a DHCPv6 prefix-delegation scenario).
  • We have added a feature that provides an EUI-64 DUID based address allocation mechanism.
  • We are considering implementing dhcp-cache-threshold for IPv6 mode.

We are still reviewing many other candidate features and fixes for this release, to determine what we will be able to include with our limited resources.

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