ISC DHCP 4.3.0 is Live!

ISC DHCP 4.3.0 is now online!

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As mentioned in the previous blog by Shawn Routhier, the theme behind the release of DHCP 4.3.0 is “IPv6 uplift.” Certain features that were specifically designed for DHCPv4 are now available for DHCPv6, making network management of an IPv6 network more manageable and simple. As Shawn stated “[we] tried use the same commands or similar commands so that moving from a DHCPv4 feature to DHCPv6 is as painless as possible.”

Information on DHCP 4.3.0

We have published multiple sources of information to get you started with DHCP 4.3.0, including:

Knowledgebase articles:

YouTube video:

ISC DHCP 4.3 Release video

Download ISC DHCP 4.3.0

The tarball and release notes for this release can be found on our Downloads page.

ISC’s Release Signing Key can be obtained at our OpenPGP Key page.

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