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SWITCH, the thirty-year old foundation that operates .ch and .li (country-code top-level domains for Switzerland), and provides cloud services for Swiss educational organizations, has made a donation of 10,000 Swiss francs to ISC.

Oli Schacher at SWITCH, who has also made technical contributions to BIND, said “SWITCH relies heavily on BIND and we appreciate the hard work you put into it!”

Jeff Osborn, President of ISC, accepted the contribution and noted that “this generous donation reminds us that open source is a community asset. SWITCH is continuing the long tradition of community collaboration that has built the modern Internet.”

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Two years ago, interest in DNS Encryption was lukewarm… In May of 2018, ISC did a survey asking our users about their interest in deploying various DNS privacy measures, including both QNAME minimization and encryption (DNS over HTTP or DoH and DNS over TLS or DoT).

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