BIND 9 and DNSSEC - Webinar Series


BIND 9 has a complete implementation of the DNSSEC protocols, and DNSSEC validation is enabled by default in the newest versions of BIND. If you are a BIND administrator and are NOT using DNSSEC today because you are not sure how to set it up or maintain it, this webinar series is for you.

This series of 10 lectures will teach you everything you need to know to implement DNSSEC on both Authoritative and Resolver systems using BIND. Each lecture will be approximately an hour long. The live webinars will be on Wednesdays at the same time each week (18:00 UTC), beginning February 5th and continuing through April 15th, with no session on March 25th. Register once for the series, and attend when you can: recordings will be posted of each session so you can catch up on any you miss.

Session topics:

  1. DNS Threats, need for DNSSEC
  2. History of DNSSEC Development & Deployment
  3. Cryptography and DNS background for DNSSEC
  4. DNSSEC Resolution and Validation
  5. DNSSEC Record Types, Keys, signatures and NSEC records
  6. DNSSEC Record Types, Keys, signatures and NSEC records, pt 2
  7. DNSSEC signing with BIND
  8. Key rollover & Algorithm rollover
  9. Key maintenance with the new KASP tool
  10. DNSSEC troubleshooting

We invite all BIND administrators to register for the webinar series at

Speaker Information: Alan has over 20 years experience in UNIX and Linux systems administration, specializing in BIND and ISC DHCP for the past 13 years. Alan has been a Support Engineer at ISC, a Senior Technical Trainer for InfoBlox, and a Migration Architect for BlueCat. Currently Alan is a Systems Engineer at ISC.