DNS Wildcards Webinar

DNS Wildcards

A “wildcard” is a DNS resource record whose owner’s name starts with an asterisk. It sounds like a very simple hack to save time when creating a lot of similar names, but there may be cases where a wildcard is not what you want.

We’re sorry you missed our webinar, but you can still view the recording at: https://youtu.be/B_V16ehQIIs

Our presenter, Carsten Strotmann, covered:

  • What are wildcards good for?
  • How are wildcard names expanded?
  • Can wildcard domains have subdomains?
  • Can wildcard domains be empty non-terminal zones (ENTs)?
  • What about wildcards and NSEC/NSEC3?

Speaker Information:

Carsten Strotmann has more than 20 years of professional experience working in open source networking. He has delivered many webinars and training classes on open source solutions and DNS/DHCP/IPv6/Linux/Unix security. He also is the author of various articles on IT security topics in computer magazines.

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