Acknowledgements for BIND 9.10


As we prepare to release the next major version of BIND, we have to remind all our users that there is a sizeable community supporting BIND, outside of ISC. We depend on a committed community of beta testers, patch contributors, and OS packagers to help us improve our software and deliver it to end users. Once we release it, a cadre of experts in BIND and DNS helps anyone who posts to the mailing list with configuration and troubleshooting advice.

We would like to thank everyone who alpha or beta tested the pre-releases, identified and reported bugs, contributed bug fixes, or suggested new features for this BIND release. While we can’t possibly name everyone who helped, we would especially like to recognize those people who contributed code or assistance in creating the new features in 9.10.

Contributors to 9.10 new features
  • Pierre Beyssac
  • Ken Brownfield
  • John Eaglesham
  • Tony Finch
  • Wilmer van der Gaast
  • Vadim Goncharov
  • Timothe Litt
  • Peter Palfrader
  • Kevin Sheehan
  • Tim Tessier
  • Vernon Schryver

Please accept our apologies if we have omitted anyone.

We also owe thanks to the members of the Internet Engineering Task Force, which drives the development of the DNS standards.

BIND 9.10 adds support for these Internet Drafts

Two new features in BIND were based on these two IETF drafts. The drafts themselves are not finalized and ISC’s implementation of them is not exactly as written in the draft.

DNS Pre-fetch is based on:

Source-Identity Tokens (SIT) is based on:

Support for these drafts was added in the DIG tool

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