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*tl;dr* Are dual stack DDNS updates supported in Kea 1.5.0? It looks like it's not. Is section 12.1.3 of the documentation still accurate [1]? Everything works great on the IPv6 side but I can't get IPv4 working. My DHCPv4 requests use the same DUID as my DHCPv6 requests in accordance with [...]
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If you want to spin up a test vm, you can strip out all unnecessary packages from my YAML: cat trusted-ssh-keys/id_*.pub >> project/authorized_keyscd projectcp -r bootstrap-files-vm/copy-to-filesystem/* copy-to-filesystem/cp -r cdstack-cmdb-deploy/files/* copy-to-filesystem/sh bootstrap-files-vm/build_vz_img.shYou can also skip the "copy-to-filesystem" and CMDB parts.This way, you can spin up a reusable VM image in under 10 [...]
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Hi!This sounds good to me. Indeed I would like to test them.I've got a lot of virtual routers in different places (400x) that ship with Kea from Sury's repo using stretch.As the next rollout gets closer, I already switched to Buster (which should also become stable soon).Currently I use this [...]
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