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As a workaround, kea 1.4 CentOS 7 rpm [1] creates this file: [root@dhcpserver ~ ] # cat /lib/tmpfiles.d/kea.conf # kea needs existing /run/kea/ to create logger_lockfile there # See tmpfiles.d(5) for details d /run/kea 0755 root root - [1] Lunes 15/10/2018 a las 11:50, Jason Guy escribió: > Hi Jorell, > > It is a bad idea [...]
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I am testing out switching from using host reservations listed in the kea config file to trying out hosting them in the Cassandra DB I am using for leases. Right now I am working on figuring out what is required for a basic entry into the Cassandra database. Currently I am [...]
Mon, Oct 15, 2018, Continue reading at the source
Hi Jorell,It is a bad idea to set the local state dir to:--localstatedir=/var/run/kea/When you reboot, the /var/run is recreated since it is a tempfs directory, and I found systemd will not recursively create the directories on start.I had some of these same issues while working on the debian package, so [...]
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Thank you for reporting this, issue is now fixed on master branch. Wlodek QA Engineer, ISC On 18/09/2018 20:45, Jorell F wrote: > I still do not understand why the PID file is created in the root of the > file system. > > I even re-downloaded the gitlab repo > > My previous build didn't have this [...]
Sun, Oct 14, 2018, Continue reading at the source
Dear all, I'm running kea 1.3 and currently trying to assign IPs from different subnets based on the agent remote id of option 82 (sub option 2). Cisco access points are connected to a cisco wireless LAN controller, which is relaying DHCPDISCOVER messages to kea. At this point, the WLC is appending option 82 with [...]
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