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I am attempting to test out a dhcp4 setup using 2 kea-dhcp4 servers running in a high availability, load balancing configuration. I am trying to use perfdhcp to test out this system. I have been assuming that by specifying the interface name with the -l option and not specify the [...]
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Hi, I need advice in respect of configuring HA on a pair of Raspberry Pi 3B+ units running Kea 1.4.0.P1-3 on Ubuntu 18.10 ------------------------------keactrl.conf---------------------------- # This is a configuration file for keactrl script which controls # the startup, shutdown, reconfiguration and gathering the status # of the Kea's processes. # prefix holds the location where the Kea [...]
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Enabled the debugs, and something definitely looks wrong here...2019-01-17 12:59:20.783 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.packets/21850] DHCP4_PACKET_RECEIVED [hwtype=1 34:17:eb:f6:5e:c4], cid=[no info], tid=0x78768f6e: DHCPDISCOVER (type 1) received from to on interface eth02019-01-17 12:59:20.783 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.packets/21850] DHCP4_QUERY_DATA [hwtype=1 34:17:eb:f6:5e:c4], cid=[no info], tid=0x78768f6e, packet details: local_address=, remote_address=, msg_type=DHCPDISCOVER (1), transid=0x78768f6e,options:  type=012, len=007: "cumulus" (string)  type=051, [...]
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