Webinar: Using dnstap with BIND

Webinar: Using dnstap with BIND

Please Register for this upcoming webinar on using DNSTAP logging with BIND.  If you cannot make this time, if you register, we will email you a link to the recording after the event (this can take up to a week, since we have to transcode the recording before posting).


Learn about how to use the latest BIND logging method for troubleshooting and monitoring

  • DNS logging without the need for packet capture
  • Log responses as well as queries
  • High throughput, without the BIND performance penalty
  • Now available in BIND, via the public source tree and in the stable preview version, 9.9.8-S4

Eddy Winstead, ISC Sr. Sales Engineer, will explain how to set up BIND to log to dnstap and demonstrate using the logs for troubleshooting and monitoring.

Robert Edmonds, Software Engineer at Fastly and author of dnstap will give an update on the roadmap for dnstap and take questions.

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You can contact Jennifer Findley at:

Date 11 May, 2016

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