Webinar: BIND Best Practices from Day One (10AM PST)

Webinar: BIND Best Practices from Day One (10AM PST)

Its the first day on the job, taking over as DNS administrator for a medium-sized enterprise.  The guy who ran it before me has already left. I need to get up to speed quickly. My first priority is to assess the current situation and remediate any immediate risks.


Eddy Winstead, a former systems administrator himself, who has been providing technical support and consulting for BIND and ISC DHCP administrators for six years at ISC, will describe what HE would do if he were faced with the situation above.

  • How to do a quick audit of the current status
  • Operational practices and scripts to look for
  • Basic monitoring you should ensure is working
  • How to think about planning for security
  • Making plans for Day 2 – working with the rest of the network and IT team

This is a free webinar, but pre-registration is required. Please use the link below to register with WebEX for this meeting.

Date 05 October, 2016

Time 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PST)

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