BIND 9.11.0 Beta test (planned dates)

BIND 9.11.0 Beta test (planned dates)

BIND 9.11.0 is a new feature train, with a many changes and new features. We are hoping to get a lot of people testing this, but please, don’t run the beta in a critical production system.

New features in BIND 9.11.0 include:

  • Catalog zones, a new provisioning method that enables you to add and delete new zones on the Master only. The slaves or secondary servers will pick up both the new zone and the zone’s contents from the Master.
  • DNSSEC negative trust anchors, a very helpful tool for temporarily dealing with DNSSEC operational issues
  • Support for the DNSTAP query and response logging system. DNSTAP is developed by Robert Edmonds.
  • A bias towards preferring DNS services over IPv6, where they are available
  • DNSSEC Key Manager, a new utility that will automate managing zone signing key rollovers
  • dyndb interface, a high performance database back end api, contributed by our friends at RedHat
  • Performance improvements

Date 28 June, 2016


Date 28 June, 2016 - 23 August, 2016

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