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Internet Systems Consortium is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entity

We do not have a foundation.

We employ full-time, professional software engineers to maintain the code that you can download for free. Please support us if you can. Even small donations are much appreciated.

  • You need viable, production-quality open source to preserve the option to host your own Internet presence on your own computers (vs going with a hosted service).
  • Open Source lowers barriers for participation on the Internet for everyone. It removes the necessity to ‘reinvent the wheel’ for new entrants.


What do we do with your donations?   2017 Projects Planned include:

  • BIND refactoring and new feature development
  • BIND maintenance releases on 9.9, 9.10 & 9.11 trains
  • DHCP maintenance releases (4.3.5, 4.1-ESV-R13)
  • Kea DHCP feature release 1.2 and 1.3
  • Updating Knowledgebase articles on BIND and DHCP
  • Thorough BIND testing in preparation for the DNS root key rollover
  • Refresh hardware and software on F-root nodes
  • Continued work on IETF standards

If you make a donation of $10 or more, you will receive an email from us acknowledging the donation and we will add your name to the list of individual donors on this page.  If you are making a donation because you want us to link to your website (e.g. for SEO purposes) please make a donation of at least $1000.

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If your organization would prefer to donate via purchase order, please contact us at and someone will get back to you promptly.


If you are using our software and share in our Open Source vision, please consider making a donation today.

If you pay taxes in the United States, your donation to ISC may be deductible from your Federal taxes.

Federal EIN 20-0141248

Annual Reports: 2013, 2014.


2017 – Major Sponsors

Alibaba Cloud $5,000

craigslist Charitable Fund (CCF)  $75,000

Mozilla Open Source  $100,000 for Kea development


2017 Donors – $1000 and up

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fintech ltd
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Aftonbladet Rabattkoder  – “As geeks we appreciate your work daily.  Thanks for all your great work.”

2017 Donors – Thank you!

May Digital
Julien Josset
Cool Bison
Stefan Knoblich
Patrik Kernstock
Mark Beyer
Jan-Henk Gerritsen
The Commerce Company – “Thanks, as always, for keeping DNS safe and reliable.”


2016 Donors – Major Donors


Craigslist Foundation



2016 Donors – $1000+

Guy Purcell
Tularosa Basin Telephone Company
Intuix, LLC
Excel Easy
Travel Ticker
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Digerati – Michel Machado
Triplex Trading Ou
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2016 Donors – Thank You!

Aaron Hughes

Alan Maitland
Anders Bergman
Andreas Vögele
Anthony Hoffmann
Byron Tuggle
Chen Jonson
Christof Chen
Coast Web Services
Dave Taht
David Hoffman
Donald Richards
Drew Rothstein
Forex Solo Ads
Garrett Christopherson
Gavin Montague / John Daniels
Geert Jan de Groot
Gregory Boyce
Hakan Lindqvist B.V.
Ian West
Jan Helge Stokmo
Jay Ford
Jeffrey Reasoner
Jeffrey Robinson
John Folkerts
Jose Paulo Santos
Jozown Consulting
Kamil Mastej
Keith Steward
Kiryll Batushkov
Leo Bicknell
Mark Waring
Martin Seeger

Matthew Paden (for NTP)
Melina Cohen
Micah Brandon
Nashville Marketing
Nick Adams
Richard Doty
Robin Cornelio Thomas
Roy Althaus
Shengyu Wu
Simon Blampied
Solar Panels Ontario
Steven Arntzen
Tanase Liviu
The Commerce Company
Tore Stelzner
Trent Hein
U5comCo Ltd
Ulrich Philipp
Volker Janzen
Winfried Pohl IT-Services


THANK YOU for supporting Open Source!

Sponsored Development

ISC is grateful for those organizations who have sponsored development of new open source software and software features.  Some of our sponsored projects have included BIND 10OHGF, the Kea DHCP ServerISC DHCP, and Open Source Routing Forum.  If you or your employer is interested in sponsoring development of a new software system or a new software feature, please contact us via mail to and someone will reply promptly.


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