Thank You

2017 Major Donors

ISC received seven substantial donations and program awards in 2017, helping to further our mission. Donations and awards like the ones below enable us to do a little more for all our open source users.


A Mozilla Open Source Software (MOSS) award sponsored the development of a remote management API for the Kea dhcp server


ICANN helped to underwrite the operation of F root in 2017. F root is a free service, managed by ISC.


craigslist Charitable Fund made an unrestricted donation in support of ISC’s mission as part of their support for Journalism, Open Source and the Internet.


APNIC sponsored the addition of ‘NSEC Aggressive Use’, a feature that reduces unnecessary queries to the root zone, in BIND 9.12.


The Comcast Innovation Fund helped underwrite the Kea 1.3 release, including support for shared networks.


SWITCH made an unrestricted donation in support of ISC’s mission.


Alibaba Cloud made an unrestricted donation in support of ISC’s mission.


 Thank you for your generous contributions to ISC in 2017!

Sponsorship Opportunities for 2018

We love writing high quality long-lived open source.

We have a lot of projects that we would love to get off the ground, if we could only find a sponsor.

We are happy to give sponsors full credit, in our release notes, blogs, Twitter, whatever.

Here are a few items on our Wish-list:


1) IPAM and/or GUI configuration tool for Kea DHCP server

The world (this is not an exaggeration) is clinging to ISC DHCP. We want to convince them to mothball this 22-year old software and migrate to Kea, but that won’t be easy while there are so many open source tools that support ISC DHCP, and so few that support Kea.

Most enterprise users need a GUI tool to make managing DHCP more accessible across a wider pool of administrators. There are a number of open source IPAMs, but none of them support Kea — yet. We have recently added a REST api to Kea, with the help of a Mozilla Open Source Software award. That makes this the IDEAL time to kick off an IPAM integration effort.


2) DNS Privacy and Security

BIND is an awesome DNS server, but we are behind on implementing security and privacy standards. This is important because BIND is the most widely deployed DNS software system.  We would love some help in implementing:

Qname minimization: this IETF draft suppresses leakage of information unnecessary to answering the query.

DNS over TLS: this IETF draft provides a secure channel from the resolver to the authoritative server, preventing snooping on the wire.


3) DNS Provisioning system

We know that it can take a serious geek to provision BIND correctly, including creating the records for DMARC and DANE applications. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was an up-to-date graphical utility for managing BIND?


We are also planning to continue refactoring BIND, looking for opportunities to improve stability and performance, and to evolve Kea with added support for high availability deployment and other new features.  If there is a specific project you have in mind that you might want to help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me,, or mail to


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