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I was so honored to participate in the TechWomen mentoring program in the summer of 2011. Meeting and working with my mentee, Sanae Baatti from Morocco, was a life changing experience. I wrote some about the TechWomen experience last summer. I was deeply honored as well, to travel to Morocco last fall with a state department sponsored TechWomen mentor and mentee delegation. I would encourage any technical woman in the San Francisco Bay Area to apply to be a TechWomen Technical or Cultural mentor this year. Supporting other women in realizing their dreams is one of the greatest gifts we can give – paying it forward – but the real gift is in what we get back.

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Thank You TechWomen Mentors Posted on January 26, 2012


Today, as a part of National Mentoring Month, we would like to offer a warm and heartfelt thank you to our TechWomen Mentors. These women were an integral part of the program as they guided and encouraged Mentees from across the Middle East and North Africa in their cultural immersion and professional growth.

Here are just a few quotes from our Mentors about their experience with TechWomen:

  • The Mentees were clearly deeply inspired by their time in the states, and we Mentors learned more than we expected, by a lot! I am left feeling passionate about new issues, reinvigorated in my own work, and looking forward to next year.
  • This was a terrific initiative that really made a difference to the lives of participants. I know that as a Mentor I gained a lot of knowledge from it. Also am glad to expand my technical network both in the Valley and now in the MENA countries.
  • The TechWomen experience was truly fulfilling, rewarding, and inspiring for me particularly because we all got an opportunity to contribute and learn from each other. This program has not only opened our minds to world but also out hearts. We have formed lasting relationships with the Mentors and Mentees in the program.
  • This has been a life changing event for me — absolutely wonderful having such a large group of women Mentors and Mentees moving in the same direction with aligned goals. It was enlarging and invigorating. The women Mentees made me look at technology, Silicon Valley, the USA, learning, NGOs, etc. with a fresh and perhaps more appreciative perspective.

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about the TechWomen program and becoming a Mentor. Applications are now available.



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