Kea DHCP Server mailing lists added

We are actively working on Kea, our new DHCP server.  Following the conclusion of the BIND 10 project, we are removing the Kea application from the BIND 10 framework, which we are no longer maintaining.  Kea will be ready for production deployment in 2015, and is intended to eventually replace our current ISC DHCP server implementation.

The Kea project team is working in the open (see, and now has a new, re-named set of mailing lists for public participation. These are:

Kea-Announce – News, announcement of alpha, beta and releases

Kea-changes  – Diffs for pushed commits from the git repo. For development discussion, please use the kea-dev list.

Kea-Development – Coding and development discussion for Kea DHCP.

Kea-Users – Discussion about installing and managing the Kea software suite for DHCP

Click on the highlighted links above to subscribe.  These lists have replaced the previous BIND10-dhcp lists.

Kea 0.9 will be a standalone DHCP server with the ability to run from a simple configuration file to ensure we have an appropriate product for the average user.  It can support optional database back-ends, including MySql, and PostgreSQL. It does not require Python.  Stretch goals for this release include support for OpenSSL for cryptographic functions (needed for DDNS), and the addition of FreeBSD as a supported platform.  The team feels this will be a smaller, more sustainable codebase without the BIND 10 overhead.  Kea is designed for dynamic reconfiguration and easy extensibility.

Kea 1.0 will have support for most of the basic features needed in a small network, and is the initial release intended for deployment.

If you are interested in following the development, or helping out, please join one of the public mailing lists!


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