DNSSEC Key Security Webinar Scheduled for July 8th, 10 AM PST

We held the webinar, and the recording is posted here.

This webinar is a joint presentation with ISC and Thales e-Security, who will discuss using their nShield HSM in conjunction with BIND.

Because DNS was never designed with security in mind, inherent DNS vulnerabilities pose a risk to all Internet services. To counter these risks, DNSSEC is being deployed across the top level domains to guarantee the authenticity of the information in each domain’s zones. DNSSEC uses strong key cryptography, the security of which depends on the robust protection of key material.

The gold standard for key security is provided by Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).  BIND users can now secure their DNS with an HSM directly. The market-leading Thales nShield HSM has been tested and qualified with the new native PKCS#11 interface in BIND release 9.10.

This joint webinar with ISC and Thales e-Security will cover:

  • the value of using an HSM
  • integrating an HSM with BIND
  • how to use Thales nShield HSMs for key storage and DNSSEC zone signing

Click here to go to the event listing and register for this webinar.

The webinar will be recorded and a link to the recording posted on this website and on our YouTube channel.


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