BIND 10 Alpha Is Here!

BIND 10 is ISC’s next generation of BIND, the most widely used DNS server on the internet. Now in its fourth year, BIND 10 has reached a major milestone: the Alpha Release of our authoritative nameserver!

BIND 10 alpha is available now, with the Beta being released toward the end of 2012. The DHCP implementation and recursive resolver are both planned to enter user test later in 2013. It is critical to the success of BIND 10 that we gather feedback from DNS experts, BIND vendor partners, and others who have a strong interest in BIND 10 as early as possible. General purpose and end users are also most welcome to test BIND 10 during the alpha phase, but the real end user push will be for the beta program timeframe. We really do need your feedback… and those who register for the alpha and provide feedback will get not just our undying gratitude, but thanks in the form of the opportunity to win spiffy ISC swag.

  • To download the Alpha Release, complete the survey  here. The download link will be provided after the completion of the survey.
  • To discuss your testing with the BIND 10 user community:

BIND 10 Alpha is a fully featured authoritative nameserver, focusing on:

  • Supporting all major DNS protocol standards, including DNSSEC and DDNS
  • Generic DB backend framework (currently with SQLite3)
  • Fast and memory efficient in-memory backend
  • Modular architecture for better customization and resilience

If you want to…

BIND 10 is built through the generous support of our current sponsors:CIRA, JPRS, AFNIC, CNNIC, Comcast, CZ.NIC, DENIC, Google, RIPE NCC,, .NZ Registry Services, SIDN and Technical Center of Internet


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Last modified: June 17, 2013 at 3:59 pm