2014 Annual Report

Letter from the President

We are now a trimmer and more functional organization, with financial controls, stability, and predictability.

We determined that BIND revenues had been subsidizing our other efforts, so we put more back into BIND, adding three DNS engineers in early 2015. On the operations side, we are cutting back on subsidized programs that no longer make sense, like commercial hosting and commercial SNS, while refocusing our efforts on public benefit F-Root and ccTLD DNS publishing. We have had virtually no personnel turnover in more than a year since our reductions in force, and our customers and partners have stuck with us, too, maintaining a 93% renewal rate.

Going forward, ISC continues to balance our public benefit mission with financial stability; we are working cooperatively with other open source providers to provide commercial support for products like NLnet Lab’s Unbound and are in talks to add more. We’ve removed restrictions on our Knowledgebase so that everyone, not just paying customers, can access our technical documentation, and added 36 new feature articles and a comprehensive BIND DNSSEC guide just in 2014.

We are reaching out to our external contributors, accepting patches as a greater priority, and granting accounts in our bug tracking system to our frequent contributors. We opened public access read-only GITs for BIND and ISC DHCP, and posted our new DHCP project, Kea, on Github. We continue making significant contributions to industry standards development and have strong roles in NANOG, the IETF, RIPE NCC, DNS/OARC, ISOC, and ICANN to name a few.

ISC carries no debt, is approximately break even, and has sufficient financial reserves to carry us through normal downturns in the business. We are proud of our past and excited about our future. We are aggressively in discussions around the globe to research emerging problems we can help solve and playing fields we can help level. We aren’t going anywhere but forward. We hope you will consider supporting our mission financially and furthering our common goals.


Jeff Osborn

President, Internet Systems Consortium

Attached: 2014 Annual Report

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