Research Forums

Last modified: December 9, 2013

Internet Systems Consortium’s Research Forum is an opportunity for organizations to support and promote future technologies and innovations for the betterment of the Internet. Forum membership is a means to invest in ISC’s open source projects – funding the general work and contributions for the benefit of community. ISC depends on annual Forum subscriptions to provide funding for ongoing software maintenance, enhancement and publication. The Forums provides a closer association between ISC and the sponsors and, ultimately, the larger Internet community.

Forum sponsorship are open to corporations, individuals, universities and non-profit associations.

Internet Systems Consortium currently hosts the following research forums:

Open Source Routing Forum

The Internet Systems Consortium’s Open Source Routing (OSR) project’s mission is to support community development of a stable routing code base, with the goal of enabling network innovation through Quagga – a fork of the GNU Zebra project and an open source network routing software suite.

Open Source Routing Forum