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SolarWind IP Address Manager

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Get SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) to automate IP address administration and consolidate multi-vendor DHCP/DNS management, including Microsoft®, Cisco®, ISC DHCP and BIND—all from an intuitive, centralized Web console. Gain comprehensive visibility and control of your vital IP infrastructure and address space. Learn more at

Commercial Solution

The M&M Suite brings network administrators the ideal tool for superfast daily management, planning, reporting and auditing on growing dynamic IP networks with the added benefit of improved network security.


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BIND Software Version Status Download Documentation Latest Release Date EOL date
9.10.1-P1 Current-Stable Download December 2014 – Release Note TBA
9.9.6-P1 Current-Stable, ESV Download December 2014 – Release Note Jun 2017
9.8.8 End-of-Life (EOL) as of Sep 2014
9.6.x – 9.6-ESV-R11-W1 End-of-Life (EOL) as of Feb 2014
9.7.x – 9.7.7 Deprecated as of Nov 2012
9.5.2-P4 Deprecated as of Sep 2010
9.4-ESV-R5-P1 Deprecated as of Mar 2012
9.4.0-9.4.3 Deprecated as of Dec 2009
9.3.6-P1 Deprecated as of Jan 2009
9.3.6 (and earlier) Deprecated as of Dec 2008
9.2.9 (and earlier) Deprecated as of Sep 2007
9.1.3 (and earlier) Deprecated as of Jul 2001
8.x Deprecated as of Aug 2007
4.x Deprecated as of Dec 2001
DHCP Software Version Status Download Documentation Latest Release Date EOL date
4.3.1 Current Download 4.3.1 Server Documentation (PDF) Aug 2014 – Release Notes TBA
4.2.7 Current-Stable Download Documentation Aug 2014 – Release Notes Mar 2015
4.1-ESV-R10 ESV Download Documentation Aug 2014 – Release Notes Dec 2014
4.1.2-P1 Deprecated as of Apr 2011
4.0.3 Deprecated as of Jan 2011
3.1.3 Deprecated as of Mar 2010
3.1-ESV-R3 Deprecated as of Mar 2012
3.0.7 Deprecated as of Mar 2009
3.0.0-3.0.6 Deprecated as of Jan 2009
2.x Deprecated as of Nov 2004
1.x Deprecated as of Jun 1998
Kea Software Version Status Download Documentation Latest Release Date EOL date
0.9 Development Download HTML version 

PDF Download

Aug 2014 – Release Notes TBA
Other Software
Software Status Download Latest Release Date EOL date
OHGF - Download Nov 2013 -
LWDS-Lite - Download Jan 2013 -
AFTR - Download Dec 2010 -
OpenReg - Download Apr 2003 -
libbind - Download - -
INN Russ Allbery’s page on INN Download May 2014 -
IRRToolset - Download Aug 2012 -
BIND10 1.2.0 Current Release Download Apr 2014 -