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Dear Colleague,

DNS and DHCP security are critical to the Internet Infrastructure. We appreciate your cooperation, assistance and initiative in informing us of the bugs you have found in our software. If you think you may be seeing a potential security vulnerability in BIND (for example, a crash with REQUIRE, INSIST, or ASSERT failure), please report it immediately either by selecting the pull-down to identify it as a security bug on the form below, or by emailing to security-officer@isc.org and do not post it on the public mailing list.  If you have a crash, you may want to consult ‘What to do if your BIND or DHCP server has crashed.’

Reporting bugs for BIND or ISC DHCP

To report a bug or documentation error, please submit the Bug Report Form below, or email to bind-bugs@isc.org and dhcp-bugs@isc.org.  You will receive an automated reply from our bug tracking system.  Any followup email sent to the ticketing system should use the same subject header, so that it will be routed to the same ticket.   If you need to submit attachments, reply to that acknowledgement including your attachments and they will be automatically added to the bug report.

ISC’s bug database for BIND and ISC DHCP is not publicly readable, in order to protect the privacy of users who have included identifying information or attached logs or crash dumps to their bug reports.

If you wish to submit a feature request, use the form below or email us at bind-suggest@isc.org or dhcp-suggest@isc.org

Reporting bugs in Kea

Kea has an open bug database at kea.isc.org. Please use the open bug database and look and see if someone has already logged the bug you wish to report. You may be able to add information to an existing report, or to find a workaround or updated status on the issue that impacts you.  We also track feature requests in the issue tracker at kea.isc.org, so please submit feature requests there as well. Often it is helpful to first post these requirements on the kea-users mailing list to clarify whether there is already a way to accomplish what you need.

Due to a large ticket backlog and an even larger quantity of incoming spam, we are sometimes slow to respond, especially if a bug is cosmetic or if a feature request is vague or low priority.  However, we truly appreciate and depend on community-submitted bug reports and will address all reports of serious defects.

Community support via mailing-list

BIND, Kea and ISC DHCP are open source software. Community support is available on our public mailing lists: bind-usersdhcp-users, and kea-users.  We also provide expert professional support for our enterprise users via support subscriptions. You can reach our support team by filling out the form at https://www.isc.org/mission/contact/.

Thank you for your support!

ISC Team


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