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Mailing Lists
bind-announce BIND Announcement Mailing List
bind-beta-response Announcement and Discussion List for Participants in BIND Beta Programs
bind-users BIND Users Mailing List. Searchable non-ISC mail archive is here.
bind-workers BIND Workers Mailing List
dhcp-announce DHCP Announcement Mailing List
dhcp-users Users of ISC DHCP. Searchable non-ISC mail archive is here.
dhcp-workers DHCP Workers mailing list.
dlv-announce Announcement-only list for changes in ISC’s DLV registry
inn-announce INN announcements mailing list
inn-bugs INN Bugs Mailing List
inn-committers INN Committers Mailing List
inn-workers INN Workers Mailing List
irrtoolset Discussion of the inter-routing-registry toolset
Kea-announce News, announcement of new releases for Kea DHCP server
Kea-dev For discussion about Kea development, including proposed new feature design.
Kea-Users Discussion about installing and managing the Kea software suite for DHCP
moderators Discussion list for Usenet newsgroup moderators
noc-notice Notification List for Network Events
openreg-users OpenReg General Discussion List
survey-announce ISC Domain Survey Announce List
training-info Announcement-only list for ISC training events.


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Hi all, thanks for your answers! Cheers, Jakob On 10.12.18 15:56, Tony Finch wrote: [...]
Mon, Dec 10, 2018
Source: BIND-users Forum on Nabble
Leonardo Oliveira Ortiz wrote: > > Im configuring DNSSec with nsec3, when i run the first rndc signing > -list I can check the keys, but when I restart named service this > command shows nothing... This is a problem? No, it's benign. When `named` is signing a zone it puts a couple of extra [...]
Mon, Dec 10, 2018
Source: BIND-users Forum on Nabble



Hey, hope someone can help or at least tell me its not possible because im going crazy already 🙂 Here is the scenario. Im runing both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 server, v4 is serving local IPs and v6 is serving public ips. Both are currently updating in to lets say and everything is [...]
Tue, Dec 04, 2018
Source: ISC DHCP-USERS forum on Nabble
Yes, always put host declarations in the global context.  However, you can do this: host Brother-MFC-J615W    {   hardware ethernet 00:1B:A9:3D:2D:E3;   fixed-address,;   ddns-hostname "Brother-MFC-J615W"; [...]
Mon, Nov 26, 2018
Source: ISC DHCP-USERS forum on Nabble


Hi, I have a problem while renewing a lease. When the client sends a DISCOVER a subnet is selected and the client is getting an IP. After reboot KEA-DHCP is extending the lifetime as expected (first log). When the client is sending a DHCP-RENEW-REQUEST the subnet is selected but no valid lease is found. I [...]
Mon, Dec 10, 2018
Source: Kea-Users forum on Nabble
Makes sense… Thanks Tomek for the detailed reasonable explanation… Regards, Nagamani Chinnapaiyan _______________________________________________ Kea-users mailing list [hidden email] [...]
Mon, Dec 10, 2018
Source: Kea-Users forum on Nabble

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