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Who knew? We sure didn’t, and that’s why we’re asking. ISC has been providing BIND and ISC DHCP software for over 15 years now.  Publicly-available sources put our market share at over 80%, meaning our users come from a wide variety of industries and skill levels, but all depend on BIND.  In order to gain a better understanding of how our users obtain and use our software – namely, BIND and ISC DHCP – we recently created an optional survey at the time of software download. We’ve collected almost 200 responses so far and look forward to many more. There’s a cool t-shirt in it for folks that complete the full survey.

Since we’re asking our users to share information with us, we’re returning the favor. Some of the more interesting data are included in this post. If your responses would be similar, please share. If not, don’t go unrepresented. Add your profile data. Ultimately, it’s all about you.

  • 47% are running BIND 9.9
  • Over 13% of the survey respondents came to the site to download our next generation version, code named ‘BIND 10’
  • Almost 60% of folks rely on the ISC website for information on new releases, while only 29% subscribe to our mailing lists
  •  40% of responders upgrade their software every 6 months, but 10% stated they upgrade once every 3-5 years
  • Only 30% are running DNSSEC but 50%  plan to do so in the future
  • Over 45% have implemented IPv6 and about the same number plan to do so

We are listening. Don’t be shy.


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Last modified: October 31, 2013 at 3:06 pm