Jeff Osborn

Executive Director of ISC and President of DNSco

Jeff Osborn is Executive Director of Internet Systems Consortium and President of The DNS Company. Jeff brings 30 years of commercial Internet experience to ISC, from the early 1980’s with a DEC OEM of packet switches to the first commercial ISP, UUNET Technologies, in the 1990’s. At UUNET, Jeff ran Sales, Service and Installation from a half dozen employees to over a thousand. He is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with portfolio companies sold to Microsoft, Cisco and others.

More recently, Jeff has served in a series of leadership roles in open source software and hardware companies working in 3D printing and other CNC, notably MakerBot, Industries. He currently is an advisor and board member for several emerging startups in the field.

Jeff holds a BA in Economics from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

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