The web site is down for maintenance.

We believe the web site may have become infected with malware. Please scan any machine that has accessed this site recently for malware.

This is a WordPress issue,, and our other network resources are unaffected.  We have not had any reports of any client machines that have been infected from our website.  If you believe you have caught a virus from our web site, please let us know, by email to 


In the meantime, all the things you come to our www site for are still accessible to you.


This is a great time to take a look at the Internet Archive, who is making an on-going record of the Internet, including our web site.




Until this site is restored, you can download your ISC software from our ftp site.


The current versions of BIND are found here:

ISC DHCP 4.3.1 is here:

Or, type into your browser and you will see an html page. Select the “isc” folder and double click to open it.

Within the “isc” folder you will see folders for “bind9” and “dhcp” and other software we host on


Instructions on how to check your download files, to ensure their integrity, are here:

Our pgp key is available on public key servers, such as MIT’s,




Much of the information posted on the web site is actually stored in a Knowledgebase, which is available via direct http at

BIND security vulnerability information is easily accessed at:

How-to articles and FAQs on BIND are at




To view all ISC mailing lists, read archives and subscribe:

Bind issues: email to

DHCP issues: email to




Security issues: email to

Information, sales, general inquiries: email to

Web site issues:

To report a bug in our software, mail to:


Main telephone number: 650-423-1350